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The  Aerotones Big Band is Wichita’s premier big band. This 19-piece orchestra, in the mold of Count Basie and Duke Ellington, plays everything from '20s and '30s jazz and swing standards, to funk, blues, and Latin tunes of today. The band consists of some of the best musical talent in Wichita and the surrounding community. The Aerotones can be found playing galas, dances, fashion shows, community events, fundraisers, charity events, and even a few retirement homes. The Aerotones unique instrumental arrangements create an environment of sophisticated fun and lavish amusement.



Freedom Through Fashion-FTF-0019.jpg

Photo courtesy Leah Jung Photography

Aerotones Big Band:



Levi Spicer

Bill Elliot

Lynn Harrington

Becky Easterly


Nate Elder

Tim Johnson

Mike Floyd

Jim Mareda

Randy Crow


Brian Derstein

Austin Aronis

Dick Wilson

Tyler Winter


David Swanson

Nick Slater

Allie York

Bob Wildt


Conducted by Jim Mareda


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